We’ve been dreaming of having enough space to open a Home consignment shop… and now we have it – right next door to FRANCIE’S BOUTIQUE in the Topsfield Village Shopping Centre at 30 Main Street, Topsfield, MA. We feature resale home decor and furnishings, from curtains to original art to love seats to armchairs lamps and light fixtures to bakeware and cookware and flatware… PHEW! Styles run the gamut from antique to modern. Booking appointments now for new consignors!

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Our Topsfield Location!

FRANCIE’S BOUTIQUE is located right off of Main Street, in the Topsfield Village Shopping Centre. We opened our doors on April 28th, 2009, and have loved becoming a destination for both locals and visitors.

I joke that when we first opened, shoppers used to run next door for a gallon of Richardson’s milk before stopping into FRANCIE’S; today it’s the opposite as customers have realized they don’t have enough time to browse if they’re worrying about their milk getting warm! The Topsfield shop is open Mondays through Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.

Consignment Crawl

In the Winter of 2011, we decided it’d be fun to have a luxury bus tour of the North Shore’s best consignment shops. In November of 2011, the first Cosignment Crawl started at FRANCIE’S and brought die-hard consignment shoppers from Topsfield to Beverly to Salem to Marblehead.

The response from consignment shops and shoppers has been so positive that the Consignment Crawl is expanding beyond the North Shore. Keep an eye out for the next Crawl in your area, or in an area you’ve been wanting to visit.

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Our Rockport Location!

FRANCIE’S BOUTIQUE opened in downtown Rockport, MA on June 15th, 2010. As of November 1, 2012, FRANCIE’S will be under new ownership and the store will be called Sea Again. If you have any questions about the transition, please call us at 978-309-8335.

Ladies Night Out

For years, we’ve heard that there’s nothing going on in Topsfield at night. Well, we decided to change that. On November 10th, 2011, downtown Topsfield hosted the first ever “Ladies Night Out” – 16 businesses stayed open until 9PM and featured all kinds of treats and discounts for ladies (& gents) from Topsfield and beyond. It was a night with torrential rains, but that didn’t stop hundreds of people from coming out to support their local businesses.

Ladies Night Out is now a bi-annual event – look for one in late April and early November each year. All are welcome! You can find out more on Facebook by clicking below.

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